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Tours Go Ahead Despite Airline Collapse

Following the sad demise of Monarch we are happy to say that we have re-booked every single bowls group booking schedule to tour with us. We started work early that Monday morning it was announced, contacting all our clubs finding out what their requirements were and re-booked all of them on alternative flights, so their tours could go ahead as planned.

Our ATOL protection enabled that all who were travelling did not to lose out and we would like to thank all our customers for their very kind words during this very difficult time.

Within days of the Monarch collapse we had everything back to normal, which is more than I can say for many travel agents who have had to cancel tours and weren’t on the ball as quick as we were to make sure our customers had the best customer service and weren’t disappointed.

There will be many due to tour who had either booked the trip themselves or booked with companies that either didn’t have proper ATOL protection or who didn’t book their flights with their accommodation and/or transportation. Unfortunately, is it at times like these, that taking the risk to book in this way, thinking you may be saving money, highlights just how important it is to book with ATOL protection, as many clubs will now either not be going on their tour or will be paying a high price to get it re-booked.

Our phones lines have been ringing off the hook and our email has been buzzing with new clubs now trying to book with us. Thank you for trusting in us and we can reassure you that the peace of mind you get booking with a company like ours, that has the weight of backing we have, is so worthwhile.

Our prices are the best around and our customer service is second to none – which are new customers are now witnessing and our fabulous, loyal customers have enjoyed for years.

Once again thank you to all our customers for their support and during this challenging time we are glad to say we did everything we could to make sure all tours went ahead as planned.

We can sleep well at night knowing we do everything we can to keep our customers happy and in turn they sleep well knowing they have the security and peace of mind by booking with us.

We hope you all enjoy your tours!