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Dangers of booking your trip without ATOL Protection

Dangers of Booking Your Trip Without ATOL Protection

More and more passengers are left stranded as airlines go under.

The risks of booking your trip without ATOL protection has never been more clear than now.

With the announcement of many airlines going into administration and leaving passengers stranded abroad or having lost their money for trips they will not be able to take, it is important to book your trips with ATOL protection to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Recently, major airline Flybmi, which was once Leeds Bradford’s major carrier, has collapsed.

Additionally major arlines like Flybe have announced they are struggling and need immediate financial help. Other airlines at risk include Blue Air which has cancelled flights over Brexit uncertainty.

More recently Wow airlines has gone under leaving passengers stranded abroad. The Icelandic airline, ewhich operates routes between the UK, Surope and the USA, cancelled all its flights after being unable to secure emergency funding. 

Budget airline, Primera Air left passengers stranded as it went under and people who had booked directly with the airline on future flights will not be covered either.

The Danish-registered airline – which started in 2003 – is not part of the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL Protection scheme.

Germania Airline has grounded planes and filed for insolvency as they failed to secure short-term financing. The airline carried more than 4 million passengers a year.

Booking your tours with Holiday Heat means that our passengers are covered under our ATOL protection should anything like this happen.

So you can book with peace of mind that you will be protected, not left stranded and we will get you on alternative flights, just as we did when Monarch Airlines collapsed.

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